Power BI

Power BI

This was a close one, just under the wire! I just got back from the PASS Business Analytics Conference in San Jose CA, my first time there. I’m starting to realize I have a lot to catch up on in the Analytics world.

I learned about the new Power BI Preview site and the Power BI Designer. In the next couple entries I’m going to cover creating projects in each of these from the ground up. First I’d like to ask for some feedback. What types of projects do you think might be useful, using these new tools? Have you run into any issues that you are still trying to work through (As I am) in getting a first project out there? Please contact me, I’d like to make this an interactive series about real world examples.

One thought on “Power BI”

  1. Wes, it was really nice meeting you at the conference.

    We are all “catching up”. Some just run a little closer to the rabbit that others. Power BI is a great tool, albeit, in it’s infancy. I’m actually beginning to work with it now also. I’m curious to see how it will improve my true analysis. The visual and mobile platforms are awesome.

    I’ll be very interested to see how you use the tools and incorporate it into your processes. I’m also very interested in seeing what you’re end user buy in will be to the new suite of products.

    I’ll be watching! I’m excited!

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