Your Data Quality Is Crap (and no one cares)

Your Data Quality is Crap (and no one cares)
Having just started with a new company last week, I’ve been reflecting on the positions I’ve held over the years and thinking about what causes me to categorize them as good or bad jobs.
Some I value because of the people I worked with. Some, it was an exceptional compensation package or career opportunity that I remember most. But when I’m forced to name the best job I’ve held over the past 20 years, none of those factors play into my calculations. As the title of this post suggests, you’d be right to guess that data quality was the best I have experienced in my professional career, at a job I held for only a short time, yet had a lasting effect on me.

A quick side note, I’m planning to make this topic a series, and this first post is going to set the groundwork for, what I hope becomes a dialog on the topic of data quality. So if you are looking for technical insight you may want to skip ahead to the as yet unwritten follow-ups to this post.

It was 2001, I had a couple programming jobs under my belt and was hired to write part of the web interface for a law enforcement site. The company…

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